Heilstollen – Health and energy from the mountains of Gastein

The perfect interplay of radon. warmth and humidity make the Gastein Heilstollen radon gallery the most effective natural therapy for the treatment of rheumatic complaints. 2 kilometers removed from the daylight, we encounter pleasant heat ranging from 37 to 41.5 degrees Celsius, high humidity between 70 and 100 percent, along with high natural radon levels in the air. Sustained pain relief and reduced need for medications are at the forefront of benefits for guests of the radon galleries. The success rate is close to 90 percent.

The climate of the Gastein Heilstollen radon gallery is unique worldwide and activates the cell’s own repair systems. Messenger substances which promote healing and reduce inflammation are boosted. An immunological balance sets in. Aside from alleviating pain, the therapy is an outstanding means to maintain good health and strengthen the immune system.