Nordic skiing enjoyment in Gastein Valley

Cross-country-skiing isn’t just fun, it is also a thoroughly healthy form of exercise for people of all ages. With over 45 kilometers of tracked, superbly maintained trails, Gastein is a paradise for XC skiers. Discover the magical countryside of the Gastein region away from the ski slopes! In Sportgastein, the prospect of cross-country enjoyment until well into springtime entices skiers to a snowy high trail at 1600 meters above sea level. After dark, the floodlit trails in Bad Gastein-Böckstein and in the Kurpark of Bad Hofgastein beckon you to add one more sporting expedition to your full day.

Cross-country skiing does amazing things for your fitness!

Outdoor exercise at over 1,000 meters above sea level means your body absorbs more oxygen, so you actually feel as if you have discovered a fountain of youth. Your cardiovascular system will thank you for every kilometer you log on the cross-country trails, while your soul will discover renewed strength and refreshment for the time after your winter vacation is done.